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2023 Horoscope: Free Astrology Predictions for each sign

Horoscope 2023 is here so you can see the possibilities for your sun sign and rising sign and plan your dreams and desires.

Nai Tomayno

By Nai Tomayno

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So we’ve finally come through 2022, the puzzling year after the ease of pandemic restrictions. A readjustment year for most of us and now Horoscope 2023 is bringing us the possibility of boosting and focusing on our dreams and desires once again!

With Pluto transiting Aquarius and Saturn entering Pisces, it will be impossible to think individually! A collective mindset with a horizontal perspective and attuned to unity will be a number one success indicator.

What to expect from 2023?

In addition to the to Taurus-Scorpio Eclipses that took place in 2022, we will have two eclipses in these signs and another two more eclipses in the Aries-Libra axis — see here the dates of the 2023 eclipses. In other words, the transformations in our relationships towards material life and self-healing continues in evidence. But it will be impossible to keep on expecting for a miracle in our lives.

Aries is all about being independent and pursuing the life we ​​want to live, self centered. But of course, because of Libra, with more diplomacy and empathy. 

Jupiter, the planet which indicates where our luck is, transits in Aries and Taurus. Initiative taking and searching for security and stability are the elements that will nourish our luck. 

Nevertheless, we will have some tensions between Mars and Saturn in the middle and the end of the year. And considering love matters, Venus retrogrades in Leo in the middle of the year, too. Our relationship with love and affection will rely on our self esteem more than ever. 

So that is why it will be so important to understand how all these aspects impact our lives! Now follow the predictions for each sign – you can read them for your Sun, Moon or Rising Sign.

You can also read Astrology predictions for 2023 for the USA here. And on this other link you can find the best crystals for your zodiac sign in 2023.

Aries 2023 Horoscope

With the Eclipses in Aries and Libra, this year it will be important to develop some skills from your opposite-complementary sign.

Libra teaches us to listen to other people’s opinion, support others, comprehending the benefits of thinking before acting, behave more kindly and diplomatically. Also taking more balanced actions and expanding socialization, clientele, invitations, etc.

Aries Challenges 2023

Wounds of excessive independence will appear and you will have to learn to ask for help. You may need to rethink about your impulsive behavior, considering the people around you.

With Saturn in Pisces (March, 07), you may need to take time during this year to rest, thus take good care of your health.

Aries Opportunities

With Mercury and Jupiter in Aries, it will be a perfect year for:

  • studies
  • taking courses focused on self-healing
  • finishing courses
  • going back to study

From May, Jupiter enters in Taurus and this may indicate that some investments will turn into profit. And it will bring you more financial stability!

When Pluto enters Aquarius (March-June), it makes a fluid aspect to your sign, favoring to let go of toxic friendships or bringing opportunities to expand your power in society.

Taurus 2023 Horoscope

It will be important to share your values ​​and enjoyments with your business partnerships and relationships. And to take care of your health attentively!

With Venus in Taurus (March,16 – April, 14) you may notice a greater optimism and sociability. So it may be a year of more fertility or materialization. As Uranus continues in Taurus, some rupture may happen.

Taurus Challenges 2023

Two of the Eclipses continue in Taurus, so we can still expect some plot twists. With Pluto passing in Aquarius (March – June), you may have to face some revelation. Or end something that is not flowing so well.

Pluto in Aquarius is in a challenging aspect, so you may feel obliged to review your attachments. And will have to get out of your comfort zone, understanding that rigidity prevents us from living better.

You should avoid confrontations with authority figures. With Mars in Gemini (ends March 25th), on a square tension with Saturn, some social, political or structural issue may indicate the need for some cuttings or overspending.

Taurus Opportunities 2023

The presence of Uranus, and Venus and Jupiter from May in Taurus, indicates that you can use your personal impressions to your advantage, you can have a glow up and transform yourself for the better.

At the beginning of the year, with Jupiter in Aries (ends May 16th), you can discover a secret enemy. Someone who is talking behind your back or self-sabotaging, etc. Try to do the best you can to avoid this.

Gemini 2023 Horoscope

This year, you’ll need to use your communication skills to develop work or romantic partnerships with more clarity.

There is a responsibility in the use of information and communication.

Gemini Challenges 2023

With Mars in Gemini (ends March 25th), you will be prone to fight for yourself with a certain intensity. And adding to this there may be increased irritability, so avoid brawling. Mars is a symbol for accidents.

Certainly not everyone will get envolved in one, but it may indicate one). Beware of careless words and attitudes, not to waste energy. Selfishness and the desire to please people can generate insecurity, if the interests are not mutual.

Saturn in Pisces (from March 7th) could indicate some leadership or authority figure demanding something from you. From June 17th to November 4th, Saturn retrogrades and this can catch your attention.

Pluto in Aquarius (March – June), may require you to take action and reinforce the need for a spiritual responsibility more aligned to your power in the collective and society.

Gemini Opportunities 2023

If you were waiting for an opportunity to start a physical activity, sport or to take better care of your body, you may feel a greater motivation.

With Jupiter in Aries (until May 16th), you can:

  • heal a negative friendship
  • expand your social circle, connections and network
  • even benefit from the help of friends or someone who has a high status

From May 16th, Jupiter in Taurus will help you discover some sort of secret or enemy. Venus in Taurus (from May 16th to April 14 th) can help you to reveal a hidden desire. And it can turn into a pleasant surprise.

Pluto arrives at Aquarius (March – June) helping you to release yourself from impractical views and finish courses you’ve been delaying.

Cancer 2023 Horoscope

With Venus in Taurus (March 03th – April 11th) and Saturn in Pisces (from March 07th), you may notice that this is a year you’ll have more opportunities to take care of your diet and nutrition, both emotionally and physically.

And of your sensitivity, getting more in touch with your intuition.

Cancer Challenges 2023

With the eclipses on the Libra-Aries axis and Jupiter in Aries, there will be a tense square aspect on your sign. You’ll need to add more attitude and courage to your openness behavior.

It’s about balancing the urge to isolate yourself in a safe place and the need for action and run a marathon, if necessary.

From March to June, with Pluto in Aquarius, you may have some concerns about the life and safety of someone close to you. Or your partners may experience financial closure or important cycle endings.

You may notice a reclusive behavior, plunge into your shadows. Or even an exaggerated expectation of having more power over your possessions and relations.

With Mars still in Gemini (until March 25th), you may have some health problems or accidents, hostility, persecutions or plot twists.

Cancer Opportunities 2023

The presence of Venus and Jupiter in Taurus from May there is a possibility you receive a special reward, recognition, fame, your life’s purpose achievement. Or even the help of a friend. Jupiter in Aries may keep on bringing good luck to your entrepreneurial, competitive and self-driven side.

With Saturn entering Pisces (March 07th), your ability to be a spiritual leader, your guru side, will be enhanced. If you work with studies or spirituality, it’s a wake up call for responsibility and ambition.

If you have any unresolved legal proceedings you can be motivated to take responsibility of it and finally achieve a resolution, or get an advice from some authority figure.

Leo 2023 Horoscope

With Pluto in Aquarius, you may be more rebellious and oppose yourself to situations that force you to let your identity aside. This because Aquarius is your opposite sign.

Situations where you are not being recognized for your personal power and authenticity, might make you feel like fleeing or fighting.

Leo challenges 2023

Pluto entering Aquarius can generate a situation in which you feel your power and domain threatened, especially in a love relationship or work partnership.

The urge for constant self-renewal, the need for introspection, to explore your shadows and psychological instabilities can happen.

Connected to this, Saturn enters in Pisces (March 07th), representing some concerns about your shared finances, the health of someone close to you, or a limitation on shared incomes.

Leo Opportunities 2023

The presence of Venus and Jupiter in Taurus (from May 16th) can bring a promotion, good fortune or an opportunity of a more stable career. Before Jupiter goes to Taurus, in Aries it brings you fortune to expand your world vision, studies and travel opportunities.

If you work with studies or spirituality, this is a very good aspect. If you have delayed legal funds you may finally receive them, and you can also take your dream trip abroad.

Virgo 2023 Horoscope

With Saturn in the opposite sign of Pisces, it will be the year of looking carefully to your health and taking responsibility of your self awareness, healing and learning to say “no” to people. This because Saturn means limitations.

It will be difficult not to sacrifice yourself, because of this inner empathic responsibility. Watch out for the feeling of self inhibition and a defiant relationship with authorities.

Virgo Challenge 2023

With Saturn in Pisces, you can have extra obligations, demands in relationships, and disappointments if your partner does not fulfill their promises. Pluto in Aquarius indicates it may be necessary to take better care of your health.

The Eclipses in Libra-Aries are an influence for transformation in your finances. But Jupiter in Aries (until May 16th) is an indicator that is not so positive if you are in debt. With Mars in Gemini you should make a bigger effort not to provoke disputes and fights at work.

Virgo Opportunities 2023

Jupiter in Aries is a possibility to increase your incomes. Venus in Taurus brings opportunities to travel, study and broadening your horizons.

In the astrological year, Venus is in trine with your sign. Take good care of your health and body, and try a healthier but fun diet.

Libra 2023 Horoscope

Because the solar Eclipses in April and October happen on a new moon, when the moon covers the sun, past situations can reappear, there may be a revival, in your self-esteem and relationships.

You must be careful and not fall back into toxic patterns. Extra care with your health will be required.

Libra Challenges 2023

Besides the Eclipses and the possible plot twists, Saturn will transit in your 6th House:. Which will require more responsibility with your health, and experience some level of debilitation. There may be a challenge or concern, or a hypochondriac side of it.

Recovery can be very slow and you may feel a certain level of despondency due to a heavier workload. Pluto in Aquarius disturbs your own power to accomplish your desires.

Jupiter in Aries might means in your relationships there can be a lack of limits and patience. Specially if your partners are codependent and lack attitude. Mars in Gemini can indicate something unexpected, impatience or turbulences.

Libra Opportunities 2023

Use the Eclipses season as a motivation to free yourself from unbalanced situations. Jupiter in Aries is an expansion of your relationships. They can develop or you may even feel more interested in other people or situations.

Venus in Taurus might means you can see some profits from inheritances or from your partnerships values. And it favors financial investments! Saturn in Pisces requires way more responsibility with your routine and health.

Scorpio 2023 Horoscope

The Lunar Eclipses on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, bring twists to the Scorpio’s year. When a Lunar Eclipse happens on a full moon, and the moon is covered, the new must prevail.

People and situations from the past are to be sacrificed, or even erased from your life.

The Astrological Year with Venus on Taurus, reminds your pleasure that involves the needs beyond yourself. And then Jupiter enters Taurus reinforcing the benefits of sharing and materializing.

Scorpio challenges 2023

Besides the deep transformations, the Eclipses indicate the necessity of taking better care of your health. Saturn in Aquarius (ends March 7th) indicates more demands and judgments in the way you feel pleasure and your responsibility with your time to rest. But it might represent some dissatisfaction.

It’s not a good year for games and speculation, and new projects will demand more effort. Pluto in Capricorn means there can be power disputes in your family. And a desire to break free from their behavior. Finally, Mars in Taurus can be some financial loss for partnerships.

Scorpio Opportunitie 2023

Venus and Jupiter transit in Aries might means luckily. This can be prosperity and success for partnerships and romantic relationships. And you can also get some help or advice from these partners.

Jupiter’s message for you is: even if you are an employee you will be required some level of entrepreneurship and leadership at work. You can feel bossy, but use that in your favor.

Sagittarius 2023 Horoscope

Your ruler, Jupiter, is until May on a fluid aspect that brings more optimism and motivation.

However, with Saturn in Pisces, and Mars in Gemini (until March 25th) making a tense aspect to your sign. This could represent a year that is a little too hectic and confusing.

Saggitarius challenges 2023

Saturn in Pisces (from March 07th) is a tense aspect to you. It’s all about demands, obligations and concerns about your family, parents or your home. Avoid fights with authorities on sharing responsibilities or because you or they are demanding a lot.

Some of your important matters such as your wisdom and optimism, go through a limitation. A moral statement compels you to be more humble, to have more empathy and fulfill your commitments with spirituality.

Mars makes an important opposition fpr you and advises you to beware of competitiveness or fights with romantic or business partnerships. Beware of risks.

It is important to keep your focus on studies because the tendency is to have a thousand little things on your mind. With the Eclipses on Scorpio-Taurus, it can be a more stressful year for your health, especially emotionally, but there is a conclusion for these themes in the last eclipse.

Saggitarius opportunities 2023

Jupiter in Aries until May is beneficial to work your identity, passions and hobbies, or to kick off a new project. As long as you don’t over self-indulge. Venus in Taurur indicates being pleased taking care of your health and diet.

And Jupiter in Taurus (from May 16th) indicates luck and prosperity for work and health, as long as there is no exaggeration. It favors achieving more stability and delight. You can take advantage of the changes from the Eclipse and break free from your limitations.

Capricorn 2023 Horoscope

Pluto, the planet of power, revelations, rebirths and shadows, leaves your sign between March and June. And then returns to Capricorn until January 2024.

Moreover, You may feel a sense of fullfilment. But then, experience some situations that focus on your inner power and to stop toxic behavior from coming back.

Capricorn Challenges 2023

Pluto in Capricorn can indicate a year of introspection in which shadows appear or a revelation. And then You need to face your relationships with power. And there may be disputes, a series of begginings and endings.

So You might feel the desire to control and increase your power. Saturn in Pisces makes a fluid aspect to your sign, making you look to the immaterial side of life and the collective greater good, especially in your communication.

Mars in Gemini (until March 25th) can indicate some unforeseen health event. Or accident that arises from a challenge. Or the need to fight for yourself at work. The Eclipses on the Libra-Aries axis can mean plot twists in your family and career. How is the balance between patience, listening to people, etc?

Capricorn Opportunities 2023

Besides the Eclipses, Jupiter and Venus in Taurus (from May 16th) can indicate a good year for passions and pleasure. Or if you want to start a project, as long as you don’t self-indulge.

Jupiter in Aries (ends May 16th) can help you with family, real estate, and household matters. Taking responsibility is important to you.

And Saturn in Pisces (from March 07th) can help you to take into account your writing or communication skills and studies, organize them and have more discipline.

Aquarius 2023 Horoscope

Pluto, the planet of power, revelations, rebirths and shadows, enters your sign between March and June. You may have a feeling of constant rebirth.

But also a focus on your domain over your power and the need to end toxic habits.

How do you deal with your ability to innovate and being an authentic person? How have politics and society issues affected you?

Aquarius challenges 2023

With Pluto in Capricorn (until March and between June 2023 and January 2024) an internal turbulence force can appear. There may be hidden schemes or concerns showing up.

With Saturn entering Pisces (fron March 07th) maybe you’ll have some financial limitations because you might need to help someone or because you got confused. Extra discipline will be needed. The square tense with Jupiter can indicate recklessness or bad judgment.

Aquarius opportunities 2023

Besides the Eclipses, Jupiter and Venus in Taurus (from May 16th), indicate that it’s a good year to expand stability in your family and at home. It will be self rewarding taking care of your home decor and comfort.

Since exchanging information is important to you, despite the eclipses on the Aries-Libra axis, you can take advantage of Jupiter’s passage in Aries until May and somehow transform your social media into an opportunity for work and prosperity.

Pisces 2023 Horoscope

Saturn arrives in your sign in March 2023 and stays until May 2025. The issues that are important to you about empathy, sensitivity, allowing yourself to dream, and healing yourself, become an extra responsibility.

Be careful because you may feel overwhelmed, or feeling your running behind on your personal development.

Pisces Challenges 2023

Because Pisces is about flowing, with Saturn in your sign, self-discipline is not so easy. And that can bring a guilty feeling because your self demanding comes very strong. You may feel obligated to help people, so be careful not to sacrifice yourself for others.

Saturn in Pisces can mean a period of greater concern and slowness in matters of your self-development and that can bring a devitalization to your health. You can feel more tired and that things are taking too much effort.

Between March and June Pluto enters in Aquarius. It will be necessary to look at uncomfortable things and revelations. There may be secret enemies, self-sabotaging or concerns showing up.

It will be necessary to let go of unhealthy habits and try to understand how to empower yourself in taking care of your unconscious issues and healing fears. Eclipses in Aries and Libra in your house that represent money can create a instability climate.

Pisces Opportunities 2023

Despite the Eclipses, Jupiter transits in Aries until May, this can help you to create courage, to be more competitive in financial matters, if you are careful not over spend.

Jupiter in Taurus can help with your marketing and communication, or even materializing a project for social media that will help you to receive more attention.


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Nai Tomayno

A lively researcher and professional who has worked in different areas of the holistic world for over 15 years, Nai Tomayno is an energy therapist, astrologer and facilitator of processes on integrating knowledge for a new consciousness and (re)connection for healing. Originally graduated in Teaching and Literature by the Federal University of Minas Gerais and the King 's College London, she understood that the world of formal education wouldn’t be enough for feeling a sense of accomplishment, and then she began researching different learnings and practices in contemporary spirituality and natural medicine. Nowadays, she applies the use of the astrology charts and the wisdom of crystals as a tool for self-care, healing and transformation.