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Major 2023 astrology predictions for the USA

Understand the major 2023 astrology predictions for the USA, the challenges and the toughest months in the new year

Nai Tomayno

By Nai Tomayno

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Astrology predictions have always been one of the most thought-provoking ways to deal with the future. In this article you will understand 2023 astrology predictions for the USA.

Based on Mundane Astrology, a branch of studies focused on geographical, social and political aspects that interfere in countries and collectives, it is possible to infer the main topics which will affect a certain period of time.

According to the chart, on the moment the Sun enters Aries, it is possible to design a special configuration for a country in a period starting from March of one year to the next. 

The main issues that will affect the USA until March 2023 are: domestic trade, the transport and communication influences and strike threats due to the Rising SIgn in Gemini.

On 21st November the Washington Post news stated: “One of the largest railroad unions narrowly voted to reject a contract deal brokered by the White House, leading the country once again closer to a rail strike that could paralyze much of the economy before the holidays, union officials announced on Monday”.

How to understand 2023 astrology predictions for the US

The diplomatic world, international law and relations, communication and transport, the legislative system and courts will determine the scale of the events, since the ruler, Mercury, is in the 9th House. 

There can be floods, problems at hospitals, and institutions facing bureaucracy issues because it is in Pisces.

Financially speaking, food prices, agriculture and countryside, general workers situation, their benefits and family benefits are emphasized by the GDP House in Cancer. 

People’s top priority is improve diplomatic relations and the way the year affects their relations with entertainment (especially after COVID restrictions), the future of the youth, risk investments and stock market.

What we can expect for the country’s future after March

With the Rising Sign in Virgo, the year’s main themes are related to public health challenges, an increase of people falling into hunger crisis, difficulties with civil servants, ongoing strikes and unemployment.

The areas that will determine the above are the country’s foreign investments, international conflicts financial repercussions, agreements and alliances, war industry, mortality rate, crises, tax authorities, national debts, succession rights and large corporations (the role of the Fed will be decisive). 

However, Jupiter, which is a benefic planet, is in this house. This indicates that banks and financial institutions can reverse the situation in favor of the reconstruction of the country.

The house of GDP, banks, national treasury, industry, profits and losses is focused on diplomatic and international relations, breach of agreements, lawsuits, etc. so there is a possibility of another year facing war issues, especially because its ruler is in the house of international relations.

US in the international conflicts

Focusing on the US involvement in the international conflicts, the international law and import/export house is in Taurus with Venus there, which may be a sign of stability because Venus is a benefic planet. 

Its participation may carry on but not worsen, despite the presence of Uranus, which indicates upheavals and instability. As a matter of fact, the country can profit from warfare.

The Moon, which represents the people, is in Pisces: empathy, healing, spirituality and art can be subjects of larger interests, however considering the political issues, people may join forces to demand more support and social benefits from the government. 

The president – Saturn – is in the house of international relations also in Pisces, and this reinforces the previous prediction. This could also mean that there could be an eventual betrayal or conflict, since Mars in the 10th House it could indicate a threat to the head of state. This threat can be real or directed to his power and influence.

We hope these predictions will help you making decisions for 2023 since the United States are a major influence on many countries in the world. May next year be more about union than about conflicts.


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Nai Tomayno

Nai Tomayno

A lively researcher and professional who has worked in different areas of the holistic world for over 15 years, Nai Tomayno is an energy therapist, astrologer and facilitator of processes on integrating knowledge for a new consciousness and (re)connection for healing. Originally graduated in Teaching and Literature by the Federal University of Minas Gerais and the King 's College London, she understood that the world of formal education wouldn’t be enough for feeling a sense of accomplishment, and then she began researching different learnings and practices in contemporary spirituality and natural medicine. Nowadays, she applies the use of the astrology charts and the wisdom of crystals as a tool for self-care, healing and transformation.