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Crystals 2023: the best one for each zodiac sign

Your Crystals 2023 is linked to the number representing your Personal Year. Learn to calculate to know yours and enjoy!

Simone Kobayashi

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This guide will show you the Crystals for your personal year 2023. Therefore, it can help you understand what to expect from it, the possible difficulties you may experience and the opportunities you cannot miss.

Knowing which is your stone for 2023 will help you to have more balance, physical and emotional wellness to live your year to the fullest. Keep your stone or crystal somewhere you can see it, for example, on your desk or beside your bed. 

Therefore, we recommend connecting to the vibration of the crystal or stone through mindful breathing or gentle meditation. Carrying it with you, in your purse or pocket is also a great alternative.

However, don’t store your stones with coins, papers, keys or in a messy place. We suggest that you keep them clean and energized.

Crystals 2023: How can you find out the best one for you?

There is no stone that will work for everyone in the world simultaneously. Therefore, your 2023 stone is personalized as it is linked to the most important matters in your life this year due to your Personal Year’s number.

And what will be important? Just calculate your 2023 Personal number. According to Numerology, between January 1st and December 31st, a specific number governs your year. 

How to calculate your Personal number to find out your Crystals 2023

You need to add your birthday numbers without the year for to know your Crystals for 2023. Your day and month of birth, one by one (without the year) and ADD 7 (2+0+2+3=7). You need to divide it until the result is a single digit number.

Example 1 : A person who was born on November, 4th. This person will add the number representing November (11). Plus the birthday number (4). Plus the sum of the digits that form 2023 (2+0+2+3). In this way:

1 + 1 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 1

As the result is a two digit number, you have to keep adding until you get a single digit number (between 1 and 9).

1 + 3 = 4

Therefore, 4 is this person’s 2023 ruling number.

Another example: A person who was born on July 25th.

7+2+5+2+0+2+3 = 21

2+1 = 3

This person has 3 as their personal year 2023.

Now that you have calculated your year number, see which is the best gemstone for you to enjoy 2023 to the fullest.

Your Crystals for 2023

Fluorite for Personal Year 1

This year, it is important to overcome insecurities and the fear of taking risks. In order to live this cycle’s new, different and innovative experiences. You will need to get out of your comfort zone to become more independent.

Accept your true self, and do not be intimidated by conservative perspectives or people’s preconceptions.

Fluorita is the recommended stone for this cycle as it helps you to work through mental changes. It contains substances that eliminate impurities, grudges and negative life patterns. So it can help you on your self transformation path.

Amethyst for Personal Year 2

This year conflicts and changes may be a constant so it is very important to have a more compassioned, understanding attitude and respect others point of view.

This stone is full of wisdom, balance and modesty. It will support you to work on your ego and your everyday worries. Having this crystal can help you to connect with the greatness that surrounds you.

Year 2 requires extra patience to pursue your goals, as you face the delays of this slower period.

Aquamarine for Personal Year 3

In Personal Year 3 a lot of confidence and disinhibition is important as this period will be full of social, creative and communicative experiences. Courage may be required so you can shine, show and express yourself creatively.

Aquamarine is the recommended stone for you in 2023 as it can help you expressing yourself better – specially by putting your feelings into words – control your emotions and the feeling you are about to explode.

Sodalite for Personal Year 4

Professional, bureaucratic and family matters might require more from you this year, forcing you to work more on your practical side. Organisation, responsibility and planning will also be expected from you.

During Personal Year 4 persistence and discipline will be essential to overcome your limits, specially while revamping your health. Watch out your diet and physical activities.

Sodalite will help you clear your mind and understand your priorities, how to make better use of your intuitive thinking and deeper thoughts.

Malachite for Personal Year 5

This year you shall take advantage of opportunities to grow in your career, your studies and hobbies. You will need to open yourself up to new experiences and have a bold attitude when facing the wide horizons ahead of you.

Malachite can be great as you might have to overcome a crisis and accept surprising offers.

This stone helps to reveal your deepest fears of changes and growth. It assists you in recognizing and using individual powers while working on abundance, prosperity and manifesting your desires.

Rose Quartz for Personal Year 6

A year that promises a lot of social activities, family and groups. What is important to work on during this phase? Acceptance, accept yours and other people’s flaws. To be understandable and unite people.

The Rose Quartz is the right stone for you in 2023 because it will be helpful to awaken the unconditional love that is already deep inside of you. This crystal is connected to the Heart Chakra and its energy is essential for you to achieve self realisation and inner peace.

Use the Rose Quartz when you need to relieve sorrows. It certainly will help you to learn more about self compassion and the power of forgiveness as it dissolves accumulated emotional burdens that repress the heart’s ability to give and receive love.

Azurite for Personal Year 7

It is time to look inside and figure out what scares you. What limits you to expand and express your talents?

Azurite is the stone for you in 2023. It helps with self awareness as it guides you to look deeper into yourself and shows you the hardest truths you might be denying.

In Year 7 it is important to learn about yourself, to improve your technical- professional abilities and the way you express your feelings. Azurite can be your companion as it will help you to see what you are ready to, and should, deal with.

Citrine for Personal Year 8

Persistence, organisation and admin will be very important to pursue your dreams. Year 8 is specially connected with that goal, that’s why it can demand more competence, agility and ambition.

Citrine is your stone for 2023. Its energy is similar to the sun, it warms you up, comforts you, energises and gives life.

As it manifests toughness this stone inspires self assurance and helps you to thrive confident.

Smoky Quartz for Personal Year 9

If you are in Personal Year 9 you will need a lot of altruism and humanitarianism to deal with conclusions, end of cycles and welfare actions.

It is likely you will encounter situations’ finishing lines and also motivate other people to be more compassionate and inspirational.

Smoky Quartz is the stone for you in 2023. It will open you to accept the challenges and responsibilities to improve your personal life and help you grounding to change your and/or someone’s life.

To help in the general year 7, azurite with malachite would be a great combination to keep up the work proposed by a Year 7, plus vibrational support either in meditation and connection with those stones. Overall, we will be dealing with self improvements from a inner point of view and the the malachite can promote the willingness to seach for self awareness. For general support to the year ahead, azurite with malachite would be a great tip.

In addition to the therapeutic techniques or tools that may facilitate this process, such as Energy Analysis, Frequencial Work and Tameana will strengthen this objective.

How to use your Crystals 2023

Meditate or take long and deep breaths, holding the stone in your hand and intend what is possible to see, deepen and change in that moment.

It is also important to tune into the frequency of the stone, i.e. carry it with you in your pocket or purse, in jewelry or accessories, or place it where it will remind you of this goal. In addition it will help you to tune the frequency or matter tou have to deal in your life.


Azurite or Malachite cannor be cleaned in water, as it dissolves. For cleaning, place it on a druse (cluster of crystals with the same base) or on a selenite.

It should NOT put it in your mouth or in contact with mucous body membranes, and of course, it should not to be swallowed. For handling and using it in contact with the skin, such as in jewelry and accessories, use is normal.


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Simone Kobayashi

Simone Kobayashi

Simone Kobayashi has been a therapist for over 20 years. She does online consultations using techniques such as Tameana, Quantum Healing, Reiki, and Frequencial Table. She studied Herbal Medicine at Northern Virginia Community College. In Brazil, she studied Reiki (master), Floral Therapy, (from Bach, Minas, and Pleiades) Holopuncture (at the union), Integral Approach (Ken Wilber), Access Bars, Quantum Healing, and Tameana (master). She is the author of the book “Stones and Crystals: In Search of Balance ''.