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2023 Eclipses: dates and meanings


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The Eclipses in 2023 will be in April, May and October. There will be two solar plus two lunar eclipses, and one will be seen from Brazil.

In 2023 the eclipse axis begins to change. It is still on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, which marked all the 2022 eclipses, but finally, we will have two on the Aries-Libra axis.

In the previous year, the Taurus-Scorpio Axis marked issues such as stability, security and finances (Taurus) and, again, finances, pleasure and mysteries (Scorpio).

In this way, the 2023 Eclipses will accentuate the tone of “I” and beginnings (Aries) and the “other” and relationships (Libra).

The 2023 eclipses in your zodiac sign

Generally, the eclipse can be linked to the onset of critical situations, therefore, the phenomenon can be potentially complicated. Anyway, some people can “feel” it more than others.

In the 2023 predictions, you will find some suggestions for your Sun Sign and Ascendant for each eclipse ocurrence. So read carefully and get ready!

Thus, the eclipse periods in 2023 call for more attention. Astrologically, it is suggested that reckless behavior should be avoided unless you have what is called a contingency plan to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

Due to the increased emotional strain, it may be a good time to seek for therapy and counseling. However, everything is more fragile, too. It’s as if the unconscious is boiling and things are not completely clear.

Eclipses 2023: All Dates

The four eclipses of 2023 will happen in April, May and October. Find out the dates, where it will be visible, the type and in which sign it will occur:

April 20th

  • Type: Total Solar Eclipse
  • Visibility: Australia, Antarctica, Southeast Asia
  • Sign: Aries

May 05th

  • Type: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
  • Visibility: South/East Europe, Much of Asia, Australia, Africa, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica.
  • Sign: Scorpio

October 14th

October 28th

  • Type: Partial Lunar Eclipse
  • Visibility: Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, North America, North/East South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic, Antarctica.
  • Sign: Taurus

Eclipses for Astrology

In a lunar eclipse, the Moon is eclipsed. The Moon in Astrology is related to the past and safety. Thus, these subjects become more precarious at this stage.

It can also be a time when people step out of their confort zone, commonly associated to the Moon. In this way, something they relied on or counted on can be temporarily or permanently changed.

Thus, in this phase, people can be more frightened and reactive. Being aware of this instability can help you when dealing with people and situations.

In a solar eclipse it is the Sun that is obscured. The Sun, in Astrology, governs the future and freewill. The Moon overlaps the Sun, so solar eclipses can bring past experiences and, in some cases, a decreased personal or free will power over something. The lack of control is not always bad, it just takes us by surprise.

Despite the particularly strong influence of the eclipse in the vicinity of the date on which it occurs, astrologically it is said that an eclipse still manifest itself in small or large events for about six months.

Eclipses happen in pairs or, eventually, in groups of three. In this way, you need to observe the Astrological Houses in which they happen, which are the themes related to the two or three eclipse that will be visible for about 6 months.


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