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8th house in astrology: all you need to know

The 8th House Sign in the birth chart reveals how you understand your sexuality, death, and your power for transformation


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Inheritance, death, regeneration, transformation, sexuality, intimacy, and shared possessions are themes of the 8th house in Astrology. Sometimes it is also associated with what is magical and what is occult. Taboos are also often analyzed from this house.

What are your secrets? What do you want to share from what you own? What is your regeneration power? The sign in which you have the 8th house in your birth chart helps to understand the answers to these questions.

Check out all the meanings of all the signs in the 8th house in Astrology:

Aries in the 8th House

Those who have Aries in the 8th house may find it difficult to share their finances because they like to control expenses and income – theirs and their partner’s. They want to try new things, they like to explore and invent in bed – or wherever. They need to be careful with premature ejaculation as they are people who are frequently rushing things.

Taurus in the 8th house

Those with Taurus in the 8th house like stability in sex and shared finances. They can be people who like to help other people with whom they have a relationship – affective or business-wise – to earn money and spend it on the pleasures of life. In sex, they are usually methodical and compassionate.

Gemini in house 8

People with Gemini in the 8th house have an innate curiosity about death and what is occult. They love to explore what is not immediately evident. In sex, they can enjoy discovering different things and they are curious – always more mental and intellectual than physical. They give of themselves more superficially.

Cancer in the 8th house

People with Cancer in the 8th house tend to have very intense emotions and want to control their own feelings and emotions because deep down they are afraid of being dominated by what they feel. They can be given to intuitions and to depressive moments. Sex can’t be with a random someone or under random conditions.

Leo in the 8th house

Those who have Leo in the 8th house need to learn to deal with their self-centeredness and exaggerated pride. They are not the type that is with one person today and tomorrow with another one because their interests don’t fluctuate. They can be people with controlling tendencies in what they think is theirs.

Virgo in the 8th house

People with Virgo in the 8th house tend to be controlling and organized with others’ finances, which is great for working in a bank or with the financial departments of companies. They can be very analytical about money, sex, death and want to explain everything very rationally.

Libra in the 8th house

Those with Libra in the 8th house tend to enjoy working with other people designing methods to earn money but in a fair manner. They feel the need for control and manipulation to do what is good for everyone. Regarding sex, they like beauty and balance.

Scorpio in the 8th house

Those who have Scorpio in the 8th house can be very focused on sex and end up putting a lot of power into it. There’s the possibility either of becoming celibate – because they’re so afraid of being controlled – or being someone who uses sex to get where they want.

Sagittarius in the 8th house

Those who have Sagittarius in the 8th house do not like to suffer for a long time nor deepen the pain of a loss. They seek to transform crisis situations into great leaps and turning points. They have a great ability to expand resources in investments.

Capricorn in the 8th house

The person with Capricorn in the 8th house may find it difficult to let things flow more smoothly. Their ambition does not admit transformations or mishaps and ends up turning everything into something very personal.

Aquarius in the 8th house

Those who have Aquarius in the 8th house tend to prefer to have their sexuality free or define it according to what gives them pleasure at the moment. They tend to have variable and unstable money income and need to find ways to have financial independence so as not to end up depending on the person with whom they live.

Pisces in the 8th house

If you have Pisces in the 8th house, you may feel that death is like a dream or something unreal. You may feel that to stand out you will have to sacrifice and limit yourself. Therefore, you need to be aware of fraud in partnership situations.


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