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What is the meaning of House in Astrology

You can learn here the meaning of each of the 12 houses in astrology, their topics covered and the importance in your birth chart.


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The astrological houses correspond to 12 divisions of the sky, established according to the place and time of birth of each person. They never change position and are bound by a zodiac sign. The presence of the signs and one or more planets in the houses gives them meaning.

Why there are 12 houses in astrology?

The zodiac is divided into 12 parts, each with a different meaning. The first six are considered personal and the last six are interpersonal.

They represent the forces we have in our lives. It’s like a journey that starts with your true self (1st house, your rising sign) and ends with your unconscious self (12th house).

Astrological Houses can also be organized into three groups:

  • angular (1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses): they are our initiation points and represent our actions.
  • successors (2nd, 5th, 8th, and 11th houses): they are our points of purpose and represent our stabilization.
  • cadent (3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th houses): they are the transition points of the map and represent changes and adaptations that we need to deal with.

Houses of zodiac

In this guide, you will be able to understand the themes and meanings of each Astrological House in the birth chart.

First House in Astrology (rising sign)

First House in Astrology is home to our Rising Sign, that is, it is the sign that appeared on the horizon at the time of your birth.

The first house in Astrology represents our personality, our way of starting things, our temperament and the way other people see us.

The sign that is in the first house of the natal chart indicates your characteristics when we arrive at a place. This astrological placement suggests the way you are, how you express yourself and even how you take care of your physical appearance.

Second house in astrology

The second house in astrology represents yout values and possesseions. How do you make money and how do you handle money? The sign that is in this house of your birth chart will help you to answer these questions, as well as what your values are, how you take care of your possessions.

The 2nd house in astrology represents the shape you give to what belongs to you and shows the sense of value and security you have in your life. The second house in astrology represents everything you call your own. This house governs everything you want to have in your life and what energy you are going to put into getting what you want. This house shows how your consumption behavior is and how it impacts your financial resources. That is, the second house of the zodiac reveals how you earn and how you spend money.

In the zodiac, the second house also represents the kind of value you place on yourself and how that influences how you intend to prosper in life.

As the second house is the house of appreciation, how you value life is also represented in this area of the birth chart, as well as how you feel security in your life.

Third house in astrology

The 3rd house in astrology represents the environment in which you live, your bond between siblings, uncles, aunts, and cousins, small trips, and forms of expression and communication.

In the Natal chart, the 3rd house reveals what the environment in which you live is like, how is the bond between you and your brothers, uncles and cousins – and even neighbors. The little trips you take and the forms of expression and communication are also linked to the 3rd house in Astrology.

The sign at the beginning of this house reveals how your mental and verbal processes work.

Fourth house astrology

The fourth house in astrology represents the home, family roots, and the influence of the family of origin.

How do you live your private life? How was your childhood environment? These are questions that the sign at the beginning of the 4th house of your birth chart can help answer.

The 4th house in astrology shows the way you deal with your childhood circumstances and experiences.

5th house in astrology

A 5th house in astrology represents your hobbies, entertainments, romances, how you transmit love, your connection to sports, and how you educate your children.

Of course, just reading the sign on the 5th house cusp is insufficient to determine what kind of mother or father you are. However, it is possible to identify some trends in the relationship you have with your children from a brief interpretation of the sign that occupies the beginning of the 5th house in your birth chart.

In addition, the interpretation of the 5th house in the birth chart indicates how you experience sports activities.

6th house in astrology

The 6th house in astrology represents daily life, work, health, and habits. The sign that is on the 6th house cusp in your birth chart helps you understand what your diet is like, how you live your spiritual practices and what your self-care is like.

The 6th house in Astrology can even reveal what health problems you are most prone to have because the sign you have in this part of the chart shows how you deal with the practical part of life and what methods you apply to take care of yourself. and to develop your work.

House 7 (Descendant)

The 7th house in astrology describes your love and business partnerships and what you expect to find in someone to marry.

On the Astrological Sex Chart, the 7th house, also known as the descendant, reveals what aspects you admire and look for in other people in love and relationships in general.

The seventh house of the zodiac reveals what your relationships with the public are like and what you expect from your stable relationships – be it with your partner, with your clients, with your therapist…

8th house in astrology

The 8th house in astrology reveal the way you deal with other people’s possessions, how you share your own money and how you understand death.

The 8th House in Astrology shows how your emotions and energies are connected with sex. At the same time, the sign that is at the beginning of this house in your birth chart reveals how you deal with your desires, intimacy and instincts.

Furthermore, the eighth house of the zodiac deals with psychic traumas, obsessions, addictions, psychology, losses, death, money, power and inheritance.

House 9

The 9th house represents philosophies, religions, higher education, long journeys, and your relationship with the different cultures.

The themes of House 9 in Astrology are: long trips and trips abroad, convictions and beliefs, their certainties, Justice, Higher Education, religiosity and spirituality.

Your willingness to learn and expand your mind has characteristics of the sign you have in the 9th house of your birth chart. Philosophy and transcendence are subjects related to the ninth house of the zodiac.

The Tenth House in Astrology

The Tenth House represents public life, profession, fame, prestige, and recognition. What is your life purpose? How do you want to receive recognition and prestige? The sign in which you have the 10th house in your birth chart helps to understand your answers to these questions. The 10th house in Astrology represents your public life and your profession.

The tenth house of the zodiac also helps you to understand what your talents are, what your professional capabilities are and what your ambitions are.

11th house in astrology

The 11th house in astrology involves the groups you are a part of and your relationship with friends.The eleventh house of the zodiac helps you understand how you share and exchange, how you act in the collective and how you handle your projects for the future.

Through Astrology it is possible to understand what you need in your friendships and what you expect from the people who are your friends by analyzing the 11th house in the astrological chart.

What is the 12th house in astrology

The 12th house in astrology represents mental health, unconsciousness, weaknesses that you hide within yourself, your secret blocks, and your ability to experience life.

The twelfth house of the zodiac talks about your intuition, about lies, about what is fantasy and unrealistic in your life and about victimization.

In Astrology, the 12th house represents the most silent stage of the psyche and can generate two types of attitudes: the fear of loneliness or the pleasure of “being alone”. In the first case, the vast majority of humanity is terrified by the distressing idea of being in solitude, even transitory.

Undoubtedly, the 12th house is quite complicated. Not only because it is the last one, because of the order and intensity of the experiences, but also because it is the configuration of a set of situations that you did not realize, due to a complete lack of aptitude or opportunities. Often, you will only experience the circumstances of this House in the final moments of your life.


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