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3rd house astrology: all you need to know

Understand how you express yourself, communicate and deal with mobility by learning more about the 3rd house in Astrology


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In the Astral Birth Chart, the 3rd house reveals which type of environment you live, how is the bond between you and your siblings, uncles, aunts, and cousins – and even neighbors. The little trips you take, the ways you express yourself, and communication are also linked to the 3rd house in Astrology.

The 3rd house in Astrology reveals how your mental and verbal processes work. If you have a planet in the 3rd house, know that this star imposes roles on matters of this area of your life.

Get to know all the signs in the 3rd house. And, here, read more about the meanings of all the houses in Astrology.

3rd house in Aries

The person with Aries in the 3rd house seldom is very sincere and speaks their mind. They can be troublemakers and can easily fight or instigate fights. They can be successful opening new local markets, but not in a formal way as they are not very diplomatic people.

3rd house in Taurus

Those with Taurus in the 3rd house have a direct communication style and find it difficult understand abstract and subjective matters. They tend to have close and constant relationships with siblings, relatives, and neighbors. Therefore, they want to make sure that these are people they can count on today, tomorrow, and the day after. They can be very anxious.

3rd house in Gemini

People with Gemini in the 3rd house are prone to easily change their minds. They tend to have a very logical, active, and quick mind to understand, speak, write and communicate on any subject. They are networking people.

3rd house in Cancer

Those with Cancer in the 3rd house build close relationships with aunts and uncles, cousins, siblings, and even neighbors. In order to learn, they need personal and emotional identification with the person who is teaching them. They may have short attention span.

3rd house in Leo

The person with Leo in the 3rd house, is someone who wants to shine in their communication, intellect, and language. Their speech compels, convinces, and engages those around them. They are often enterprising and ambitious.

3rd house in Virgo

With Virgo in the 3rd house, the person is likely to be very critical with words and writing – especially with what others say and write. They are great for writing texts. So, they are very rigorous and may have an inferiority complex.

3rd house in Libra

With Libra in the 3rd house, this person hates quarreling and solves everything through conversation. They see all sides of a situation and the balance of what is right and fair. Therefore, they are always pleasant and will hardly be rude.

3rd house in Scorpio

Firstly, people with Scorpio in the 3rd house tend to be very secretive about their lives as they believe giving information to others may work against them. Secondly, they are very attentive to what people say as they use it to manipulate others. Therefore, they can be very persuasive.

3rd house in Sagittarius

The people with Sagittarius in the 3rd house have a broad range of interests and an immense desire to learn and teach. Above all, they explore every corner of their neighborhood, discovering new places in the surroundings.

3rd house in Capricorn

For those who have Capricorn in the 3rd house, leaning has an extra focus. Education is very much linked to ambition. In conclusion, the way of expressing themselves lacks empathy and it is closer to practical thoughts, far from excessive drama and complaints.

3rd house in Aquarius

It is very likely that the person with Aquarius in the 3rd house has completely different siblings. They can be very intelligent and, ironically, due to this, they can have a hard time communicating, as they end up stumbling over words.

3rd house in Pisces

Those with Pisces in the 3rd house can be conflicted between emotion and reason and, as a result, they are labelled as confused. Writing, speaking, and thinking clearly can be challenging, for instance. They need to avoid substances that alters their state of mind, such as alcohol and medications.


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