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2nd house in astrology: all you need to know

The 2nd house in Astrology deals with values, self-worth, possessions, how you earn and handle money. Learn more about this area of your Map


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The 2nd house in Astrology is related to values. How do you earn and handle money? What are your values? How do you take care of your possessions? The sign in this house of your chart will help you answer these questions.

For Astrology, the 2nd house represents the way you give and receive, and shows the sense of value and security you have in your life. And, here, read more about the meanings of all the houses in Astrology.

What the 2nd house in Astrology represents

Everyone has the 2nd house in the birth chart. The sign that is on the cusp of this house is what brings the themes and characteristics represented by this same house.

If you have a planet in the 2nd house, this will have a strong influence in this area of your life. Get to know all the signs in the 2nd house here:

2nd house in Aries

Firstly, those who have Aries in the 2nd house are not afraid to try new ways of making money. They trust they can make money even if they have never tried it before. Working with commissioned sales is positive, as they will pursue to achieve the goals.

2nd house in Taurus

Those with Taurus in the 2nd house see financial security and comfort as self-confidence. Moreover, they like to spend money on themselves, they appreciate good food, good drinks, good clothes. They need to have money to support their lifestyle and expensive taste. They hate to be in need.

2nd house in Gemini

Those with Gemini in the 2nd house use their intelligence, versatility, and flexibility to earn money. They tend to work well with their intellectual skills such as writing, communication, and marketing. They may have more than one source of income or two jobs.

2nd house in Cancer

Those with Cancer in the 2nd house are prone to make financial decisions guided by emotional issues, sensitivity, and intuition. For instance, the relationship with the material matters is more emotional and personal. Above all, they need to be careful about material fluctuations in their lives.

2nd house in Leo

This is a person who has potential to work in an authority position and perform very well working autonomously. Moreover, Leo in the 2nd house is not usually a person with self steem problems.

2nd house in Virgo

The person with Virgo in the 2nd house needs to be productive. If they manage to earn money through their own work, and it boosts their self-esteem. In addition, they can be too generous and should be careful with it as others may take advantage.

2nd house in Libra

Those with Libra in the 2nd house tend to make money in partnerships. They are gifted with financial intelligence – but they don’t necessarily like to deal with it. They don’t want to be bothered with money matters.

2nd house in Scorpio

Those who have Scorpio in the 2nd house need some type of power. Therefore, they may try to achieve that power with material abundance as they think wealthy people are more valued. Other people’s lack of money can be used as a form of control.

2nd house in Sagittarius

Those who have Sagittarius in the 2nd house tend to have delusions of grandeur. They are very optimistic and creative about material life and have great capacity for fundraising and to be productive. Moreover, money for them is a synonym of freedom. Airline tickets, studies, and trips are goals that allow personal expansion.

2nd house in Capricorn

Those who have Capricorn in the 2nd house often use money in a way to establish themselves. They are determined to achieve their goals no matter what, forcing themselves not to give up until they finally managed to fulfill at least a satisfying portion of their personal ambition.

2nd house in Aquarius

Those who have Aquarius in the 2nd house know that having money is important and they like to have it, however they use it as a tool to liberate themselves. They will not sell their souls. In conclusion, they may have multiple sources of income or work, or they may sometimes have little money and sometimes more money.

2nd house in Pisces

Those with Pisces in the 2nd house are known to often lose belongings, such as house keys, for example. Some people need to work thouroughly on their purposes and missions, because they often have trouble focusing and finding their life goals.


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