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What is a Rising Sign?

Find out what a Rising Sign is and what it represents. And more: find out how your Rising Sign is present in your personality


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Do you know what is a Rising Sign? It is the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the exact moment a person was born.

When it is interpreted with the signs of the Sun and the Moon, the Rising Sign is one of the most important characteristics of a Birth Chart. It because it shows the different aspects of someone’s personality when they are brought into the world.

People can notice the qualities of your Rising Sign in the first impression they get when they meet you.

How does it work?

The calculation depends on:

  • the exact time when someone was born
  • the latitude and longitude of the birthplace

Since it is a complicated calculation, finding the Ascendant using simplified charts cannot be accurated due to their high margin of error.

Only a trained astrologer or a good computer program has the precise conditions to calculate which sign you have in that part of your Chart.. If you want to find out your Rising Sign for free, click this link.

For a in depth study of the ascendant, you will need to take in consideration not only the sign but also the planets placed in the astrological section of the ascendant (also known as the First House).

The rising sign ruling planet location is also important. According to a traditional astrological concept, this planet is called the “ruling planet” of the Birth Chart, and it determines one’s identity.

Characteristics of the Rising Sign

It is possible to discover people’s natural gifts, individuality, and, above all, the way each person expresses themselves by using the rising sign calculation.

Besides, this sign defines the external elements of a human being, such as appearance and body type.

The position of the rising sign also shows the individual’s way of existing in the world.

  • What are your points of view?
  • How do you handle different situations?
  • Do you have some kind of “protective shield” around you when it comes to dealing with other people?
  • How do you sell your own image?

It is essential to know the time of your birth to find out what is your ascendant. Your birth certificate may have that information.

Curiosities about the Rising Sign

It is a myth that the ascendant has a bigger role in one’s personality after they turn 30. It’s quite the opposite! When people are aware of their Birth Chart, they tend to control better their ascendant’s impulses, because they learn how to deal with themselves over time.

The ascending qualities are powerful from a young age and they tend to be more noticeable than the qualities that come from the Sun Sign.

Knowing your Rising Sign

Check out a summary of the Rising Signs below: However, it is important to mention that to have a more comprehensive analysis of your behavior, you’ll have to consider all the aspects of your Birth Chart.


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