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The meaning of the planets in the Birth Chart

Understand what each planet represents in your life and discover what they have in store for you


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In Astrology, the planets on your birth chart have different meanings in your life. Each of them represents our personality’s potential and characteristics.

The Sun Sign is the most popular, it’s our birthday sign and it shows important aspects of our personality. Saturn, for example, reveals our challenges and awakens our search for excellence.

Do you know which is the sign on each planet of your birth chart? In this guide, you will understand the meaning of the ten planets. Scroll down and you will find the interpretations for each sign.

Check out your birth chart, write down your signs and planets and understand what they represent in your life.

The sun on the Birth Chart

The Sun on the Birth Chart represents your identity, personality and where is your place in the world. Also, it is possible to understand better your feelings and desires.

The Moon on the Birth Chart

The Moon on the Birth Chart is associated to everything that is feminine, like home, family, roots, homeland, and memory. On the body, the Moon rules the stomach, the chest area, the womb, emotions, eating habits and nutrition. The position of the Moon on your Birth Chart reveals how you deal with feelings and determines your emotional reactions.

Mercury in the Birth Chart

Mercury in the Birth Chart is related to everything that involves rational thinking and human intelligence. It shows how you express yourself, communicate and learn. It’s possible to discover someone’s mental abilities according to the Houses and Mercury’s placement. 

Venus in the Birth Chart

Venus is the planet of beauty and love. Venus in the Birth Chart suggests how is your sex appeal, how you deal with love, your tastes and pleasures. It shows what you value in people and how you see beauty.

Mars in the Birth Chart

Mars in the Birth Chart represents our initiave, our strengths, sexuality and desire. Basically, it shows our fighting spirit and primitive force. Its position reveals how we act in the seduction game.

Jupiter in the Birth Chart

This planet reveals paths. Jupiter in the Birth Chart represents your search for happiness on an emotional and spiritual level. It’s directly related to opportunities, personal growth, and life goals.

Saturn in the Birth Chart

Saturn is the representation of your insecurities, difficulties, and fears. However, at the same time, this planet helps with life lessons and learning. The position of Saturn in the Birth Chart reveals where you will strive for excellence. Along with that, it shows your determination power.

Uranus in the Birth Chart

Uranus in the Birth Chart represents freedom and independence, not necessarily in the way we normally think of these themes. The independence represented by this planet is related to established social norms that don’t reflect your values.

Your commitment to freedom, on the other hand, does not necessarily mean the desire to be alone. It’s the freedom to be or not to be what you want (married, separated, single, hooking up, gay, straight, religious, atheist, etc). The problem with Uranus in the Birth Chart is the excess of individuality, which can turn into selfishness.

Neptune in the Birth Chart

This planet represents your spirituality and self-illusion. The position of Neptune in the Birth Chart signals in which circumstances you tend to be more vulnerable and prone to be deceited.

Pluto in the Birth Chart

Pluto in the Birth Chart invites you to wonder “who am I?”. This planet shows us our weaknesses and where we are most afraid to change. It makes us stronger if we are able to endure it. It will show you the existence of a higher power.


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