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Sun, Moon, Rising Sign: Understand Astrology’s Big 3

The signs are guided by three planets, the Sun, the Moon, and the Ascendant. Understand their impact on your personality


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Who are you? What does your heart yearn for? How is your personality? The answer to these three questions are in your Birth Chart in the Astrology Big 3 – Sun, Moon and Rising Sign. The signs you have on each of these planets are your personality foundations.

Most people know their Sun Sign, which is the position of the Sun in relation to the Earth at the moment of a person’s birth. When you say “I’m a Cancer”, “my crush is a Taurus” or something like that, actually it doesn’t mean much, otherwise, there would only be 12 types of people on Earth.

That’s why your Sign is actually your whole Birth Chart, however if you analyze your Sun Sign, the Moon Sign, and your Rising Sign, the “Big 3 of Astrology”, you’ll have a more detailed portrait of who you are.

To find out what a person’s Sun Sign is, we only need their date of birth. All people born on November 15th, for example, are Scorpios.

But calculating the Rising Sign is way more complex. The Moon Sign is even more complicated.

Here in Personare, you can find out your Big 3 with a free sample of your Birth Chart (click here to do it). You’ll just need to tell us the date, time, and birth place.

Understand the meaning of the Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign in Astrology.

The Sun in Astrology

  • I am
  • This is my role

The Sun is related to the “center” of the Birth Chart. It’s symbolically represented by a circle with a dot in the middle that is similar to a target. That’s why the Sun in Astrology indicates your awareness from who you are and what is your place in the world.

The Sign and the Astrological House in which the Sun is in your Birth Chart helps you develop consciousness and understand your individuality. It also shows what invigorates you and what are your life impulses. Besides, the Sun in Astrology represents your creative essence and your self-expression.

The Moon in Astrology

  • I feel
  • This is where I come from

In Astrology, the Moon symbolizes your emotions and your emotional reactions to the manifold situations you go through, and it can be analyzed based on your sign and the Moon’s placement in your Birth Chart. It also covers what the Moon was doing and the interactions with other planets at the moment you were born.

As such, the Moon is Astrology represents how you show affection and how you deal with memories and the past. Besides, the Moon in Astrology reveals how you take care of people and how you let people take care of you.

The Moon also rules housekeeping, your idea of family, and even your relationship with your country. This star helps you understand which situations make you restrain your emotions and which ones make you “explode”. It also determines whether you hold grudges or forget easily.

The Rising Sign (or Ascendant) in Astrology

  • This is how people see me
  • This is how I express myself

Some astrologists believe that the Rising Sign is the most important aspect when it comes to personality. When you were born, there was a Rising Sign on the horizon. This sign is your Ascendant and it marks the beginning of your Birth Chart. That’s why it shows how you begin things in life.

The Rising Sign shows how you present yourself to the world, what are people’s first impressions of you and your appearance.


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