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Justice Tarot Card Meanings

Order, discipline and decision are the meanings of The Justice card advice for your tarot question

Leo Chioda

By Leo Chioda

The Justice is the Arcanum VIII in Tarot. This card represents a period of inner balance, concentration, detachment, self-control and speaks directly to our sense of right or wrong. This card can be considered a relief when it is drawn representing the future or the outcome of tense situations. From there, it is certain that a posture of correction and organization will be taken by the people involved, thus bringing cleanliness, serenity, and balance.

The Justice is the card of metrics, the rigorous force of measures. Nothing out of place and nothing too heavy. Everything, according to this arcane, is built under a calculating posture, with each attitude being assertive and sometimes premeditated. In most decks, the figure is static on its throne, staring at the Tarot interpreter – notice that it looks directly at us as if questioning our intentions and evaluating our postures towards life.

This is also why a lot is said about cause and effect, from the point of view of the oracle, through this card: it is the one who best translates the measure of the impartial judgment of what is done and how much one must pay for the actions performed.

What does Justice mean in tarot?

Justice is the Tarot card that works as a reminder of responsibility for everything around us. On a daily basis, we take action at will, most of the time thinking only about our own benefit and forgetting that we live together. Serenely the card speaks of the necessary posture of awareness about what is right and what is wrong.

Justice governs professions linked to law, processes, contracts, tests, exams, measurements, statistics, theories, research, calculations, analyses, cataloging, and documentation. It also has a relationship with lawyers, judges, bankers, administrators, scientists, competitors, mystics, interpreters, therapists, and even tightrope walkers.

Meaning of The Justice Tarot card in love and relationships

In Love, The Justice advices affective distance and a relationship based on exaggerated formality and seriousness. Everything that happens between the couple is due to logic, within the terms established by the union – there is no such thing as the giving of oneself body and soul. This card symbolizes mutual respect towards society and maturity in the way of acting, but care and affection leave something to be desired.

  • What should I do to balance my affective relationship?
  • How should I break the ice of love?

The Justice, when revealed in questions about Sexuality and sex life, can mean prudish, reserved, serious, and pragmatic sex.

Meaning of The Justice in regards to yourself

About your personality, The Justice is a card that suggests that you:

  • are a correct, logical, fair, thoughtful, and reflective person.
  • are someone active and reactive in the same measure.
  • are a person who listens to everything with absolute attention and speaks as clearly as possible.
  • are the type that avoids getting carried away.
  • have morality and organization.
  • may appear cold and reticent, but your stillness hides generosity, consideration, and vigilance over those you love.
  • have several acquaintances throughout your life, but you are a company for few.
  • you may isolate yourself when you have to deal with a lot of people.

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Leo Chioda

Leo Chioda

Leo Chioda is a writer and one of the main tarologists working in Brazil. He holds a degree in Portuguese Language from UNESP, where he is currently developing a thesis on poetry and alchemy at USP. He has signed for the Café Tarot blog and social media since 2006, where he publishes associations between the arcana and popular culture, literature, music, and cinema.