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Judgement Tarot Card Meanings

When the Judgement card shows up in a reading, it may indicate detachment and openness to change. Read all about the Judgement card meanings

Leo Chioda

By Leo Chioda

The Judgement is a Tarot card that suggests changes that are often sudden and not always desired, but really important. It comes as a warning about everything we consider immutable, stable, and secure. With The Judgement, you have the chance to draw new plans and take new steps towards the best of ourselves. Without attachment.

If there is one word that describes the energy of this card well, it is “transformation”. Instead of following pride and the certainty that we are right in most matters, we should realize that life “pulls us a fast one” precisely at the moments we think we have more power.

What does judgement mean in Tarot?

The Judgement is an opening and return arcana. If you have drawn this card, it indicates that a new era is unfolding in front of you, even if you do not expect it. And it is important to realize that some details of the past return to your coexistence, demanding from you an uncomplicated, courageous, and increasingly attentive posture.

In the card, we see an angel coming out of the clouds blowing a trumpet, causing the dead to rise from their graves and the people around him to pray in thanksgiving for the miracle. In the image of the dead being reborn, we can understand that there is return, recovery, healing, and life. It is life imposing itself in the face of death.

The Meaning of The Judgement on relationships

The Judgement symbolizes love as a key piece in a couple’s story. The card shows that the relationship between the two is freely adapted to the lifestyle of each one, also showing that the couple is not afraid of novelties in the routine.

The emotion is something so important to them that it ends up influencing an inner transformation, making the life together full of surprises and happy moments – all because of the unpredictability of love and the simplicity of life.

The questions that this card brings up talk about what you need to do to not be surprised in a negative way in the relationship, in addition to the attitude that the person should adopt in the face of unforeseen events in love.

The Judgement, when revealed in questions about Sexuality, is related to making surprises and bringing new experiences to the partner during sex. It is also linked to sounds (music, words, moans), oral sex, the act of ejaculating outside the other’s body, and group sex.

Meaning The Judgement in regards to yourself

About your personality, The Judgement is a card that indicates that you:

  • are a bold, confident, lively, firm, and strong person.
  • depend on news, interesting programs, and unusual subjects.
  • are always up-to-date and looking for unforgettable moments to experience.
  • remember what happened in the past, but prefer to live life openly and confidently in the future.
  • try to mark your routine with transformations. You are always changing, which makes you better each day.

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Leo Chioda

Leo Chioda

Leo Chioda is a writer and one of the main tarologists working in Brazil. He holds a degree in Portuguese Language from UNESP, where he is currently developing a thesis on poetry and alchemy at USP. He has signed for the Café Tarot blog and social media since 2006, where he publishes associations between the arcana and popular culture, literature, music, and cinema.